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The Internet Archive Still Truckin'


Wired magazine recently pointed out that amidst all the hooplah about Google’s Book Search project, the Internet Archive hasn’t idled in their work a second. In fact, they’ve got people manually scanning in up to 1,000 public domain works a day—and the number of titles are almost at 350,000 and growing. The Internet Archive is founder and part of the Open Content Alliance, a group of growing members composed of libraries, nonprofits, culture, technology and government organizations. These organizations work to make their material as freely available as possible, allowing any existing or future search service to also access the scanned work, in contrast to some of the other scanning efforts which place certain restrictions on material from libraries (see October’s NYTimes article).

The Internet Archive also gives you the chance (and choice) to have your work become a part of the “permanent record of free culture,” and the option to license it under a Creative Commons license. For more information, see Mike Linksvayer’s article from last August.

Posted 20 March 2008