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Creative Commons is working with Multimedia Institute [mi2] to create Croatia jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Croatia List

Project Lead: Diana Kovaèeviæ Remenariæ and Tomislav Medak

More about Multimedia Institute [mi2]

Zagreb based NGO [mi2] sprang up in 1999 from the spinned-off Internet program of Open Society Institute Croatia. Entering the up to that moment locally unchartered territory between social and cultural action and new technological developments, [mi2] brought together an emerging generation of civil activists, media practitioners, urban culture actors and social and media theorists who set out to pursue two principle tasks:

1) to promote and educate in media and technological practices relevant for functioning and development of social and cultural sector, and

2) to promote and develop socially inflected approaches to new technologies, especially as investments in the local emerging market gradually increased the penetration of new media and introduced the domination of commercial standards.

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Posted 17 March 2008