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Creative Commons releases LiveContent 2.0


Creative Commons is pleased to announce the release of LiveContent 2.0, a LiveDVD of Creative Commons-licensed multimedia content and free and open source software. LiveContent allows users to explore open content such as music, video, photography, books, and educational materials that can be freely used, copied, and built upon. From the press release:

The LiveContent project draws CC-licensed multimedia content from a variety of diverse projects aiming to share creativity and culture more openly. Included are photographs from and Wikimedia Commons, music from and, videos from Make Magazine, Boing Boing TV and others, books from, and open educational resources from MIT’s OpenCourseWare initiative.

LiveContent 2.0 builds upon the previous release by demonstrating a unique content “autocuration” process with, and calls for the further development of technologies that make it easier to spread and reuse CC-licensed content.

LiveContent is a product of collaboration across a number of organizations including Red Hat, and various CC content providers. LiveContent 2.0 is now available for free download at the Fedora Project Spins Tracker, and a pre-burned disc may be purchased at

Learn more about the LiveContent project and read the full press release.

Posted 09 March 2008