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2008 Summer Internships – Deadline Extension


In case you missed it, we have extended our deadline for 2008 Summer Intern Applications to March 21, meaning that you have two more weeks to get all the necessary materials submitted! The CC internships are a great opportunity to engage with the CC-community as a whole and actively experience the amazing opportunities the bay area has to offer. There are four different intern positions available – Community Development, Business Development, Technology, and Development/Fundraising – presenting a variety of avenues for potential interns to explore.

As a former intern, I feel comfortable saying that while these positions are not for the faint of heart (“full time means full time!”, “why isn’t this wiki formating working?”) they are incredibly rewarding in terms of a give/get ratio. You have the opportunity to work on some amazing projects with some equally (if not more) amazing people and ultimately walk away with a ton of real experience under your belt. Anyone who is interested in the issues that face the CC-community and is looking for a valuable way to spend their summer should apply for one of these positions without hesitation.

Posted 07 March 2008