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Puerto Rico


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Project Leads: Hiram A. Meléndez-Juarbe, Carlos González-Yanes, Chloé Georas

More about University of Puerto Rico School of Law

Founded in 1913, the University of Puerto Rico School of Law is the oldest of its kind in Puerto Rico. The School of Law has been accredited by the American Bar Association since 1945, has been a member of the American Association of Law Schools since 1944 and is the only public law school in Puerto Rico.

The School of Law has a longstanding tradition as an innovative institution in many legal fields and is deeply committed to the advancement of important social values such as the ones embraced by the Creative Commons project. As a result of this broad commitment to social change, the Cyberlaw Clinic of the U.P.R. School of Law promotes principles of liberty and freedom of expression on the internet as well as the development of a technological and legal context that encourages individual and collective creativity. The Cyberlaw Clinic’s commitment to “free culture” has provided the ideal context for the development of the Creative Commons Puerto Rico (“CCPR”) project.

CCPR is fully aware the importance of a rich and culturally diverse public domain for a vigorous democratic society and of the many ways in which cultural growth is stifled by a combination of technology, copyright law and practice, and the entertainment industry’s hold on the creation and dissemination of cultural products. CCPR understands what is at stake and is, thus, very serious about consistently following-up on the essential community-building and internationalizing dimension of this enterprise.

Posted 06 March 2008