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Creative Commons is working with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at Warsaw University (ICM UW) and the Grynhoff, Woźny and Maliński Law Firm to create Poland jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Poland List

Public Project Leads: Alek Tarkowski and Justyna Hofmokl from ICM UW

Legal Project Lead: Krzysztof Siewicz from Grynhoff, Woźny and Maliński Law

More About Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling

Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, Warsaw University is a research centre in computational sciences, with a strongly interdisciplinary profile and a centre of computational and information sciences serving the whole scientific community of Poland. It is the leading scientific supercomputing centre in Poland, with experience in provision of large scale Internet information and data services, as well as in Internet content replication techniques.

ICM is also a research centre undertaking scientific challenges that cross interfaces separating traditional disciplines in multi-disciplinary effort, with main roots of complex systems and processes in life sciences, physics and chemistry, atmospheric and environmental sciences and decision sciences.

ICM facilitates conducting advanced scientific computational projects by Polish and international research groups and serves as an an educational centre in computational science and modeling.

Since 1995 ICM is running a multi-terabyte national virtual library programme (with over 10,000 full text articles being downloaded daily) serving hundreds of scientific and research institutions in Poland.
Furthermore, through the Digital Internet Repository of Science (DIR) project, ICM is creating a management system and public archive for digital scientific materials. Finally, ICM is experienced in large scale text acquisition and processing and is one of the partners in European Digital Repository Infrastructure program (project “DRIVER”). With the Creative Commons Poland project, ICM UW has extended its interest in digital repositories into the field of open access to scientific materials.

More About the Law Firm Grynhoff Woźny Maliński


Grynhoff Woźny Maliński is one of the biggest Polish law firms, established in 1996. It is a team of 80 lawyers, most of whom are licensed attorneys, legal advisors, and tax advisors. Grynhoff Woźny Maliński specializes in servicing entrepreneurs active in regulated sectors of the economy, in particular telecommunications, media, energy and TSL (transport-shipping-logistics)

In the area of so-called "intellectual property", the lawyers of Grynhoff, Woźny i Wspólnicy have also been active in various bigger initiatives, apart from servicing individual clients. They currently participate in projects such as "Friendly Copyrights" and "Free Textbooks".

In 2007 the Law Firm started founding "ITele(c)t", an "intellectual property and new technologies law" competition for Polish law students. The competition is organized in cooperation with ELSA Poland. The main office of the Law Firm is located in Warsaw, and it operates branch offices in Poznań and Wrocław.


CC Poland would like to acknowledge and thank Prof. Elzbieta Traple and Piotr Wasilewski from the Institute of Civil Law at the Jagiellonian University for her involvement and support for the project.

Posted 06 March 2008