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Creative Commons is working with Metamorphosis Foundation to create Macedonia jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Macedonia List

Project Lead: Bardhyl Jashari, Neda Zdraveva, Nikolche Mickoski

Metamorphosis Foundation

Metamorphosis is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit foundation based in Skopje, Macedonia. Its main goals are development of democracy and prosperity by promoting knowledge-based economy and information society. Metamorphosis started working in 1999 as part of the electronic publishing program of the Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia (FOSIM), and became an independent foundation in 2004.

Main activities of the organization include: lobbying and advocacy in order to make the social and legal environment more conducive to ICT development; educational and informative efforts, including basic and advanced trainings, and rising of public awareness; and providing concrete ICT solutions to social and developmental challenges.

Metamorphosis Foundation currently covers the following program areas: e-Inclusion (bridging the digital divide by providing public internet access points to rural and underdeveloped communities through Digital Clubhouses, recycling used computers, knowledge transfer through publishing and IT-skills trainings); capacity building (FLOSS – localization, training and distribution, and e-riders – mobile consultant interventions for NGOs); e-Law (knowledge transfer and establishing Creative Commons license for Macedonia; development of an Internet Law curriculum in cooperation with the Law Faculty in Skopje); e-Governance (helping build municipal ICT infrastructure, participation in the development of the National Strategy for Information Society Development, participation in the development of the Macedonian government strategy for electronic communication and information technology as well as support in the implementation of the Free Access to Information Law).

Metamorphosis also works in the area of raising awareness of opinion makers and decision makers through lectures, conferences, seminars, open debates and online forums. These events often serve as introduction to emerging social, legal, and economic concepts necessary to understanding imminent situations. The latest such project is the International Conference e-Society.Mk, supported by the Information program of the Open Society Institute and OSCE.

In the capacity of research think thank, Metamorphosis conducts surveys, polls and other types of statistical and qualitative research focused on ICT usage in Macedonia. Their results remain publicly available and have been used by scholars, media, developmental organizations, and the Macedonian Government, most notably for responding to the European Commission’s Questionnaire on the application of the Republic of Macedonia for membership of the European Union, during the creation of the National Strategy for Information Society Development and other policy documents. It also serves as information clearing house, providing provides continuous press clipping and distribution of ICT-related news and analyses in Macedonian and English.

Metamorphosis is member of EDRI – European Digital Rights association, and has established partnerships on regional, European and global level with both civic society and intergovernmental entities, such as UNDP and OSCE.

Posted 06 March 2008