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CC Salon Belgrade: Festival of Free Culture



CC Serbia will be hosting the first CC Salon in Belgrade on March 7th – 10th. The program features many fantastic local projects, including CCBit, the first Creative Commons-licensed music CD compilation in Serbia, and Freedom Toaster, a device/interface for individual file-sharing in public spaces. The CC Salon Belgrade also welcomes guest speakers from Brazil, Sweden, and Croatia to share their perspectives in a series of talks on intellectual property and the politics of ownership and distribution.

Panel highlights include:

with presentations by Ronaldo Lemos (CC Brazil), Tom Medak & Marcell Mars (CC Croatia), Rasmus Fleischer, Magnus Eriksson (, Vlidi (, and Nevenka Antic & Vladimir Jeric Vlidi (CC Serbia). There is also an exhibition on digital games, Playground @Play Cultures, and a screening of the feature-length CC-licensed film Star Wreck.

Posted 03 March 2008