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"Steal This Film" at Other Cinema, SF


Those is the SF-Bay area take note – this Saturday, March 1, Other Cinema will be screening Steal This Film II (discussed earlier here) with an introductory talk by Rick Prelinger. If that wasn’t enough, the night looks to be filled with a variety of copyright-related goodness (see description below). From Other Cinema:

OC inaugurates its 24th year with a festive celebration of the Open-Source spirit! Headlining is the West Coast premiere of Jamie King’s half-hr. Steal This Film (2), a spot-on primer on strategies of access and appropriation in today’s Info Age. Initiating the evening is local hero Rick Prelinger, in person, with a provocative performative lecture on motion picture archives. ALSO: The “Pranks” section of Kembrew McLeod’s Freedom of Expression (a phrase that he copywrited, by the way), narrated by Naomi Klein, plus a heavy mix of media interventions, capped by David Cox’ pop-cult mash-up—get this—in 3-D! And in keeping with the sharewareethic, bring in your unwanted books for potlatch at 8pm with DJ Onanist and FREE-flowin’ bubbly!

Posted 25 February 2008