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Community Testing for LiveContent 2.0 beta LiveDVD


LiveContent 2.0 cover

A beta of LiveContent 2.0 is available for testing! We’ve got it up at the CC labs site (direct download) and the Fedora Spins site (torrent). Burn the DVD image to a disc and boot it up. The Creative Commons tech team has been working on an interesting content “autocuration” process for LiveContent 2.0, which automatically pulls down CC-licensed media for inclusion on the LiveDVD. Our test run is with Flickr, so check out the autocurated images from the popular photo sharing site right on the LiveContent desktop. A focus of LiveContent 2.0 is to foster the standardization of content APIs, thus allowing LiveContent (and other media projects!) to draw from CC-licensed feeds straight from the Content Directories. Check out the tech specs on Flickr’s API and look for more documentation soon about CC’s process.

This test build also contains some amazing photos from Wikimedia Commons’ Pictures of the Year. You can have your CC-licensed project featured on the disc too. We’re moving quickly with this, so hit us up with ideas for content you feel could be included. Check out the wiki page to add specific content ideas.

If you’re able to help test the LiveDVD functionality, please help us report bugs, file feature requests and submit patches at the CC SourceForge tracking page. Please provide as much information as you can, including the build number and the type of machine you’re running it on.

Once again, we thank the generous folks over at for supporting this project and helping to push for better standardization, making LiveContent an interesting tool and providing a necessary nudge toward easier content sharing. Thanks also to Fedora Project for the testing and hosting space.

LiveContent boots into Fedora 8 and runs directly from the LiveDVD. The multimedia content can also be viewed without booting into the LiveDVD. Here’s more information on burning an ISO and running a LiveDVD.

Wikipedia: List of ISO image software
wikiHow: How to Burn ISO Files to DVD

Posted 14 February 2008