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The Art of Magic Words


In one of the more unconventional uses of CC-licenses we have seen, Lysse Smith Wylle’s The Art of Magic Words, a book focused on spell poetry and magickal prose, is published with an instructional spell section licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA license. From GroundMarkPress:

While the first four chapters of the book are published under a traditional copyright—an instructional section meant to teach how to
compose spells in verse form—the final, “Grimoire” chapter is being published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial
Share-alike (NCSA) license. That means the spells can be republished on the Web or in a Book of Shadows without having to seek special permission from the author or a publisher.

“I encourage it,” she said. “In fact, I want other practitioners to modify my spells to fit their needs and situation. Under the Creative Commons license I’ve chosen, the spells I’ve written can be republished in their modified form, as well.”

You can buy the book on and begin open-source spell casting right away.

Posted 04 February 2008