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Welcome to the new world: Cho PD's track for CC Korea


Cho PD, one of the most successful professional hip-hop artists in Korea, has just released a track in collaboration with CC Korea. The song made its debut last week at CC Hope Day in Seoul. Jongeun Lee, a volunteer from CC Korea, took up Cho PD’s offer to “Remix this, go ahead,” and produced a music video to accompany the track.

You can watch this incredible video on and youtube. It highlights 76 CC-licensed images from flickr, and the video itself is under BY-NC-SA.

This project is a great example of the “new world” that Cho PD sings about: a professional musician writes and performs a song in support of Creative Commons and licenses it so that others can remix it. Then an amateur video producer is inspired by the musician to make a video for his track. And on top of that, the video itself is a collaboration with many photographers, all of whom have used Creative Commons licenses to clearly and legally state, just as Cho PD’s did, “Remix this, go ahead.”


Posted 21 December 2007