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"Teaching Music With Reason" Released Under CC-License


Propellerhead Software, makers of electronic-music production tool Reason, have recently re-released their “Teaching Music With Reason” lesson set under a CC BY-NC license. Originally intended for educators teaching courses on electronic music at the high school and college level, “Teaching” was made for Reason 2.5 and provided, among other things, lessons, source material, and student booklets.

As Reason is now at version 4, the book does have some inconsistencies with the program’s current UI. While this traditionally would be a hindrance, by re-releasing “Teaching” under a CC license, Propellherhead have created a document that can grow and change with the help of the Reason community, adding new value to an old tool. Motivated users of the program can augment the lesson plans, updating and adding information as they see fit. Similarly, if users simply wish to get a hold on some basic information for free, they can use the material and “massage” it to make sense for Reason 4.

Posted 03 December 2007