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IHEARTCOMIX adds CC Licenses to Remix Contests


IHEARTCOMIX, a record label and events promotion group based out of LA, have recently added CC BY-NC licenses to their remix contests for both HEARTSREVOLUTION’s “C.Y.O.A” and Ocelot’s “Lo Sforzo”. Both songs are seriously cool and the winning remixes will land up sharing respective vinyl space with their source tracks.

It is great to see this type of license adoption from a label like IHEARTCOMIX, who exist in a musical environment where remixes can be as important (and sometimes more) in popularizing the original track. Unofficial remixes have become an essential part of the musical climate IHEARTCOMIX inhabits, and as bedroom producers and their remixes continue to rise in popularity and number, having the kind of fluidity allowed by CC licenses means these remixes are able to exist in a legally sound environment, without impacting commercial concerns. That IHEARTCOMIX is adding promotional opportunity (via shared space on vinyl) for this kind of reuse affirms its importance.

Posted 29 November 2007