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Roo'd on the iPhone


Roo’d, a CC BY-NC-SA licensed novel about “the future that’s closer than we think” recently got added to the iPhone eBook reader repository, iphoneebooks, making it the first modern novel therein.

By using a CC license, Joshua Klein, the author of Roo’d, opened the door for the free digital re-distribution of his novel, making it a legally sound choice for those who develop free and open applications that rely on creative content. As a result, Roo’d, Klein’s first novel, is experiencing a broad level of exposure that would be difficult to attain for a first-time novelist (including some Boing Boing love). For a relatively unknown author, this level of flexibility in exposure is huge – in talking about this unexpected publicity, Klein said this:

“If you’ve ever poured your heart and soul into writing a novel this is pretty much what your dream should be, and is a better endorsement for Creative Commons than anything I could have dreamed up.”

Posted 27 November 2007