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CC+ Video


There has been quite a lively exchange of emails on our community discussion list concerning the idea of CC+ that CC CEO Lawrence Lessig mentioned on our blog a little over a month ago. To shed some light on the concept, we posted a new video that explains CC+ more fully. In short, CC+ is how CC licenses can work in tandem with commercial arrangements.

The core of this idea is based around the non-exclusivity of our licence suite. While you may use a specific CC-license for the wide distribution of your work, there is nothing prohibiting you from entering into a separate license that allows for uses not offered by the CC license (for example, working out a one off deal that would allow for commercial use of a CC BY-NC work).

So go ahead, check it out, and let us know what you think (and don’t forget that we have other videos up as well).

Posted 16 November 2007