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Which one is Bucky?


Bucky Jonson is the name of the band that drives the funky soul behind the multi-platinum Grammy winning band the Black Eyed Peas. The band is actually made up of Printz Board, George Pajon Jr., Tim Izo and Keith Harris. A few months ago they stepped out from the shadows with their oh-so-appropriately named solo album “The Band Behind the Front….”

Now for the real news: The album’s individual solo tracks along with many outtakes have been made available with a BY-NC license at

Bucky represents some of the best soul/funk virtuoso musicians on the scene today so it’s no surprise that these recording are the cleanest, best originally performed samples ever put into the Creative Commons Sample Pool (which is approaching the 50,000 sample count). There was so much material delivered from the band it took a small army of volunteers from the ccMixter community to chop the tracks into bite-size remix-able loops. Over 205 MB of un-cut tracks and the loops are available for free download here.

The release of these tracks is part of an ongoing relationship between CC and BBE Music that includes the DJ Vadim remix contest and subsequent release of Vadmin’s album into the Commons. The winners of that contest were put onto the “Soundcatchers Extras” album along side Vadim and other members of the worldwide consortium of musicians and DJ operating under the banner of the One-self Collective.

The best remixes posted to ccMixter of Bucky and Vadim continue to be culled for other One-self projects including live dates around the world, soundtracks for videos and playing them on the BBE radio shows in London and Spain.

Posted 29 October 2007