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New Zealand Successfully Ports Creative Commons Licenses


October has been one busy month — The CC Team in Greece held a phenomenal launch at the University of Athens (video, photos), Luxembourg became the 40th jurisdiction to port the CC licenses, CC HQ kicked off our 3rd annual fundraising campaign, and now:

New Zealand will now offer Creative Commons licenses adapted to its national law.

The Project Lead in NZ, Dr. Brian Opie, worked with his legal team under the auspices of Te Whāinga Aronui The Council for the Humanities in collaboration with Creative Commons to bring the licensing suite to New Zealand.

The launch will be celebrated October 27 in Wellington at the National Library, followed by a free seminar hosted by Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand on the new licensing environment in the digital world.

Congratulations, New Zealand!

Event on Yahoo! Upcoming.


Carved Maori Pole, photo by dartio licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.

Posted 26 October 2007