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TempoStand: CC Music Platform


TempoStand is an online musical portal that promotes independent bands, artists, and musicians in India by using CC-licenses. TempoStand records tracks for groups and then releases these recordings under a CC-India BY-SA License, allowing people to remix and redistribute the tracks as they see fit. From TempoStand:

TempoStand is a platform to promote independent musicians in India. It is starting its journey from Ahmedabad from 15th April, 2007. Every musician, every singer, every rocker, every tabla wadak is invited. We record your music for free (no hidden costs) and use a creative commons license for your music. TempoStand’s objective is to promote you and take your music across the world.

As more and more musicians and record labels begin to use CC-licences to openly promote their content, we will likely see an influx of material that would otherwise not be nearly as visible. TempoStand has already amassed an incredible amount of quality recordings, and as they continue to add more content, the long-tail of digital music becomes more and more a reality.

Posted 08 October 2007