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Australian Creative Resources Online


After some web downtime, Australian Creative Resources Online (ACRO), a repository for open and CC-licensed creative content, is back in operation. Technically a not-for-profit research center, ACRO is simultaneously a research facility, a digital repository, a source of creative materials, and a place for people to display their digital works. From ACRO:

This site is for people looking for audio, video, and still images that can be used freely and legally for creating digital art, education, or just for fun. ACRO is research centre in the University of Queensland Business School set up to study creativity in digital environments with a focus on the implications of broadband technologies.

Institutions such as ACRO are essential to the movement towards open and free content. Commendably, ACRO exists as more than a repository and provides much needed research into the world of digital content consumption and distribution as well. Their contribution thus becomes two-fold – not only does ACRO provide a means for people to distribute their works openly, they also invest time and thought into figuring out how to make this process more fluid and clear.

Posted 24 September 2007