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Creative Commons is working with The University of Tokyo, Law Faculty to create Japan jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Japan List

Chairman: Professor Nobuhiro Nakayama (University of Tokyo, Law Faculty)
Legal Project Lead: Yuko Noguchi
Public Project Lead: Dominick Chen

University of Tokyo

More about The University of Tokyo,
Law Faculty

The University of Tokyo is the first national university in Japan, established in 1877. The Law Faculty was one of the first faculties established, along with Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Humanities. Since then, for about 160 years, the institute has played an central role in the field of Japanese legal research and education. The alumni includes many distinguished lawyers such as law professors, judges and other legal practitioners, as well as a number of talented government officials and politicians. The Law Faculty consists of departments of law and politics, and has about a hundred professors and associate professors.

Posted 20 September 2007