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Congratulations to Overmundo and Miro/Democracy/Participatory Culture Foundation


Two important CC friendly organizations have received major kudos and support recently.

Brazilian free culture site Overmundo won the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica 2007 Golden Nica for Best Digital Community. CC won the 2004 Golden Nica for Net Vision and we’ve highlighted Overmundo before, including here.

The Democracy media player (soon to be known as Miro), a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation, won second prize at Netsquared out of 21 participants and hundreds of submissions, as recommended here.

PCF also recently received a $100,000 grant from the Mozilla Foundation. The announcement also has some nice words about a previous recipient…

[W]e have been able to provide resources to both individuals and projects whose efforts represent what we’re hoping to support. For example, we gave a grant to Creative Commons last quarter because CC is an organization that very much pursues the same ideas and principles set forth in Mozilla’s mission and the Mozilla Manifesto. (Just to restate it, the Mozilla mission is to provide choice and innovation on the Internet.)

In our last board meeting, it was decided that Mozilla would give a $100,000 grant to the Participatory Culture Foundation, the makers of the Democracy Player. PCF, like CC, aligns well with Mozilla and its manifesto. Additionally, PCF has projects that are built partly on Mozilla’s technology.

Congratulations to Overmundo and PCF and thanks to Prix Ars Electronica and Mozilla!

Posted 02 June 2007