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Day 12: CC Sweden


The end of the campaign is near and we have received phenomenal support from our community. And for that we thank you. We still need to raise $22,460 in the next three days. If 45 people give at the $500 level we will reach our goal. If you’re looking for a unique present for someone then give them the gift of reassurance that the future of the Internet and their digital rights are being protected. Support this campaign in their name and I’ll send them all the swag that comes with the donation and list their name on the website.

Continuing our CC international jurisdiction project profiles, today we present Creative Commons Sweden.

Creative Commons Sweden originally began in 2004 but ran into difficulties and stalled. In February 2005 the project was transferred to the University of Göteborg where Mathias Klang (then a PhD student) and Karl Jonsson (then a law student) took over the project.

On 30 November 2005 the licenses were launched and since then Mathias (now Dr Klang at the University of Göteborg) and Karl (now a law clerk at the Court in Malmö) have been actively promoting the licensing through lectures, media articles and fielding questions from the public.

Since their launch, the Swedish licenses have been used on music CDs, in a music competition, for online media and the first European CC licensed PhD thesis.

The Creative Commons Sweden project plans to continue its work in promoting the licenses, supporting the development of open access to knowledge by promoting the use of licenses among researchers and to develop a better cooperation between other CC jurisdictions, in particular the Nordic countries.

Help CC Sweden and the other CCi Affiliates by sending them to the conference that will facilitate the debate and conversation that will fuel the work that they do in their own jurisdictions.

Posted 09 May 2007