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Another great Steve Jurvetson photo reused under a CC license


Steve Jurvetson let us know about a very cool recent reuse of one of his CC-licensed photos. This incredible macro shot of an ant was used to accompany an article on UCSF’s website about chitin and allergic inflammation.

Photo: Steve Jurvetson, licensed under CC BY

Jurvetson’s photography has been used under CC licenses many times in print and on TV. As he says in this discussion about Creative Commons on Flickr:

I use a simple attribution license which for me is just perfect. It maximizes the freedom for reuse while maintaining a channel for attention back to this photoblog.

And it really works. I never imagined that my photos would be used by anyone, and certainly not in the unusual places that they have so far… including: Maxim Magazine, Science magazine, on TV with the Charlie Rose Show, the cover of a board game, and numerous textbooks, even one for the blind (go figure!)… Here are some examples.

Posted 27 April 2007