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Larry Lessig to attend South Africa’s ccSalon


It’s a ccSalon… with a twist of sausage.

Down south in South Africa we have the much-revered summer practice of the ‘braai’. The braai is just like a barbeque, except with a better selection of meat and southern blue skies. At a braai the norm is for people to bring their own meat and drink. Salads, breads, desserts and cold-drinks are usually supplied by the hosts. Hence we call it the ‘bring ‘n braai.’

SA Free Culture tour logoInteresting but not relevant you may think. Have we confused CC with Wikipedia? Indeed not. On 20 April Creative Commons South Africa is hosting its second ccSalon at The Independent Armchair Theatre in Cape Town, aka the Mother City. And we’re challenging creators to add to the pool of free culture by CC-licensing and uploading their creative digital works via the ccSalon’s bring ‘n braai website. Folks coming to the ccSalon are urged to bring their iPods and memory sticks where they can download these works via the Freedom Toaster. So – it’s a bring ‘n braai.

To help us jam, remix, share and braai, Larry Lessig and Jimmy Wales will be at the salon as part of the SA Free Culture Tour which takes place from Wednesday, 18 April to Friday, 20 April 2007. The tour has already received a great deal of publicity in the blogosphere and a buzz amongst mainstream SA media.

Posted 11 April 2007