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Creative Commons is working with Bienes Comunes to create Argentina jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CCi Argentina List

Project Lead: Professor Ariel Vercelli.

More about NGO Bienes Comunes

Bienes ComunesBienes Comunes is a non-profit and non governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2005 and located in the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is formed by people interested in the research, promotion, regulation and protection of the commons of our societies. Its mission could be synthesized as the study, research, development, promotion, spread, citizenship education in its use and production, protection, conservation, defence, assertion and regulation of every unalienable commons that conform and sustain our human condition.

Bienes Comunes can be graphically understood as a laboratory of the nature, reach, regulation and fate of cultural, digital, biological and material commons. Bienes Comunes works as a hub between private, public and communal networks, connecting and collaborating with researchers, technicians, institutes, research centres, libraries, laboratories, enterprises, non-profit civil associations, foundations, cooperatives, chambers or governmental agencies interested in the commons.

During 2005 Fundación OSDE gave support to Ariel Vercelli and the NGO Bienes Comunes in the first phase and translation of the Creative Commons licenses in Argentina. The NGO Bienes Comunes leads the Creative Commons local chapter and during these years has developed many projects related to free and open licenses for all kind of intellectual works: among others, Negocios Abiertos [a project to work, design and share open business models in Latin America], Aprender la Libertad [an initiative to work with digital commons and collaborative production of educational contents] and Librecultura [a space to promote and define the free culture movement in Argentina and Latin America].

For more information about NGO Bienes Comunes visit Please contact Ariel Vercelli and the NGO Bienes Comunes for any issue related with the local chapter:

Posted 09 April 2007