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Videoblogging Week Report: Video Bumpers for Your CC Licensed Content


As mentioned before, Jay Dedman invited myself and Colette Vogel to speak about Creative Commons Licensing and the Podcasting Legal Guide as the kick-off event to this week, the annual international Videoblogging Week. Both Colette and I led a discussion with many popular videobloggers outside in a nice sunny park in mission bay in SF. We then went indoors where I discussed how Videobloggers can mark their video files with video bumpers (in accordance with our trademark policies of course), to signal to others how they may use original content.

Please check out the video bumpers that people created last saturday and remember that marking your videos (and other content) visually before uploading to sites like Youtube and MySpace is important for signaling how you want your work used in accordance with a CC license of your choice. Don’t forget to “Leave Your Mark.”

Posted 04 April 2007