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The sharing economy in Japanese


CC chairperson Joi Ito writes:

Impress, a Japanese publisher, just released a Mook (magazine/book) called The Future of Web 2.0 – The Sharing Economy based on presentations at the Digital Garage New Context Conference last year in Tokyo. The book is in Japanese. There are excerpts from presentations by Mitchell Baker, John Buckman, Tantek Çelik, David Isenberg, Lawrence Lessig, Jun Murai, Hiroyuki Nakano and Cory Ondrejka.

A really cool thing about this is that Impress has decided to release this mook under CC BY-NC (v 2.1 Japan). They have also made a PDF versions of each section available for download simultaneously under the same license on their site.

For those who cannot read Japanese, we’ve recently blogged about Open Content Licensing: Cultivating the Creative Commons (Australia) and Community Created Content (Finland), both in English and also CC licensed.

Posted 02 April 2007