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Ground Report Empowers Citizen Journalism with CC Attribution License


Ground Report is a new citizen journalism site that “Empowers Global Users to Self-Publish, Rate Content and Earn Money.” In a move that helps insure user generated content can flourish on the web, they bolster their reputation and community participation by licensing all user-generated content under a CC Attribution license.

I’ve been working with them for only a short time and said this about their project in their press release: “GroundReport empowers authors at the grassroots level. It provides a vital link in the ‘ecosystem of sharing’ that Creative Commons enables through its licenses, which allow sharing, reuse, and remix – legally.”

And, as I underlined in the above statement, as more sites come online like Ground Report, Metaweb’s Freebase, and Technorati’s Where’s the Fire, it is of the utmost importance to license content clearly and properly, so that interlinking and cross-promotion are built in and automagically happening across the large ecosystem we call the web.

Posted 09 March 2007