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Technorati Launches Where's the Fire (WTF) Service with CC BY-NC 2.5 Licensing of UGC


Technorati, the popular search service for identifying popular dynamic user-generated content, today launched a slyly titled service, WTF, or Where’s the Fire, which allows for Technorati users to comment upon searches across their system (and the web). Technorati has decided to use the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 license for all user generated content (UGC) for this WTF service, the same license they use on their website.

This feature adds a qualitative layer of user commenting to the quantitative service of identifying top popular searches across the web from user generated content — most notably, blogs. Liz Dunn from Technorati sums up the reasoning by stating:

“Our users have told us that they want to know, immediately, WHY it is something is popular — to explain what’s happening out there on the Live Web, right now. They don’t want to page through a hundred blog posts to figure out what Violent Acres is and why it’s a top search; “Just take me straight to the good stuff, fast!”

So, in the grand tradition of Technorati using a Creative Commons BY-NC license (yes, I’m linking to a blog post from Matt Haughey in 2003), they have yet again supported the commons by offering WTF’s user generated content under the CC BY-NC 2.5 license. Check out their service and find out Where’s the Fire.

Posted 31 January 2007