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Pump Audio — now with CC licensing!


Pump Audio is a really cool company that works with independent musicians to get their music licensed in commercial media projects. You simply submit your work to Pump, and if they can find someone who wants to use it in their project, Pump will handle the arrangements and pay you 50% of the resulting licensing fees and/or royalties.

What a smart idea! Music supervisors in need of a high volume of quality, reasonably-priced music now have a terrific one-stop shop to turn to when scoring their projects. (Pump’s customers include companies like MTV, NBC, HBO, New Line Cinema, and Saatchi & Saatchi.) By facilitating connections between mainstream media and individual creators, Pump has created a marketplace where anyone in the world with talent can easily sell her or his creativity — without a formal relationship with a record label or other traditional music company. Best yet, Pump’s deals are totally non-exclusive, meaning that you’re free to take advantage of any other opportunity that comes your way.

Wow, Pump really gets it. Which is why we couldn’t be happier to announce that they’re now offering a variety of Creative Commons license options on their site for musicians who want to allow various forms of non-commercial use of their work. You can read more about this cool development in the press release we sent out announcing the collaboration.

Posted 16 January 2007