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Build, buy, or assemble?


Optaros has published a guide to “enterprise ready” open source software under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Linux Weekly News reports:

Opteros has announced the release of an “Open Source Catalog,” designed to help companies decide which projects are “enterprise ready.” Actually downloading the report requires registration, but it’s under a Creative
Commons license, so we’ve made a copy available [PDF].

There are many guides and catalogs for open source business software online and doubtless there are things to quibble with about Optaros’ take, but having a fairly comprehensive catalog in a nice looking 45 page PDF may come in handy at IT departments worldwide. Handier still, the CC license allows customization so long as credit is given to Optaros.

Incidentally, Optaros’ home page says:

Build vs. BuyAssemble? Optaros offers a third alternative to the “build versus buy” decision with our proven application assembly methodology (OptAM).

Take the marketing lingo with a grain of salt, but it’s interesting to translate the metaphor to media: Work for hire vs. negotiate licenses? [Re]using CC licensed content offers a third alternative.

Posted 10 January 2007