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Creative Commons Annual Campaign Update


The Creative Commons’ annual fundraising campaign is set to end on December 31st. The campaign was instituted last year in efforts to prove to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that the public was supporting CC financially as well as ideologically. This year we chose to focus the campaign more on building community and raising awareness about CC’s mission than on the financial commitment we need from the community.

However, as Lawrence Lessig Creative Commons’ CEO and Chairman has already stated, we have a continuing obligation to demonstrate our public support to the IRS. There are exactly 26 days until the end of the campaign. In order to make our goal of $300,000 – which is necessary to continue our work – we need to raise approximately $5,258 per day for the duration of this initiative. The Creative Commons’ team is asking you (the community) to show your support of our continuous efforts by helping us reach this goal.

This year we have offered several ways of financially supporting CC – from straight donations, to Revverizing your videos, to participating in the weekly CC Swag Photo Contest. Several community members took it upon themselves to come up with other clever ways of raising money for CC – and for this we are very appreciative. However, we still have not reached our goal, and we are coming to the final days of the campaign. If you have any questions about how you or your company can help support CC please email We encourage you to show the world that you support a global participatory culture and encourage international creative collaboration by donating today.

Posted 04 December 2006