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Call to all video artists who want to Support CC through Revverizing their videos


Last week we blogged the story of a CC supporter who decided to auction off on eBay the historic domain name and to donate 90% of the generated revenue to CC.

This week, since we launched our Revverized videos, several CC supporters, such as CC Australia’s Elliott Bledsoe have proposed uploading their videos to CC’s Revver account so that their work could help generate funds for CC as well.

In response to our supporters’ request we will now upload any CC licensed video to our Revver site if the artist wants to donate the money generated to CC. We have uploaded CC Australia’s CC Mayer and Bettle Animation to Revver and encourage everyone to check it out. We also encourage the sharing, embedding, and blogging of this and all other CC videos as a way to support CC. If you are interested in sharing your video and also raising money for CC at the same time, please email your videos to Melissa Reeder.

We are constantly surprised by our community and the creative ways that our supporter’s conceive of raising us money. Thank you. Please let us know about other fantastic ideas by emailing as well.

Watch the CC Australia Mayer and Bettle Animation and post it to your own blog!

Posted 08 November 2006