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Dan the Automator on the RU Sirius Show


The legendary R.U. Sirius has a really great podcast called the R.U. Sirius Show. The most recent episode features an interview with Dan the Automator, the producer behind such projects as Dr. Octagon, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Deltron 3030, and the first Gorillaz album. The Automator, who contributed the CC-licensed track “Relaxation Spa Treatment” to the Wired CD, had some interesting things to say about copyright, sampling, and Creative Commons in the interview.

[Y]ou could never do [Musique concréte] at this juncture in time because it’s too expensive. It can’t exist. You’re losing a form of music. So I felt like I would like to at least contribute to the side of things where — if people do want to use something, or chop it up, they can do that. The thought that goes into that kind of stuff can bring out new ideas. And that will bring about more different kinds of music. I’d hate to see that whole thing go away.

You can read an excerpt of the conversation on 10 Zen Monkeys and listen to the episode in its entirety here.

Posted 12 October 2006