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Rocking the Virtual World


Our first Second Life concert packed the seats in the popular venue, Menorca. Audio simulcast made it possible for listeners, who couldn’t enter the full sim, to hear the the performance via iTunes or teleporting to other sites, such as the Big Horn Lodge in Selby, Akasha Village in Goryeo, and CC HQ in Kula. Despite the griefer activity that caused a brief crash in the system, the talented musicians continued with the show which ignited the audience’s enthusiasm to last through the end of the show. We heard a wonderful range of vocals and music from Melvin Took, Kourosh Eusebio, Etherian Kamaboko, Slim Warrior, Jaycatt Nico, Frogg Marlowe, and Cylindrian Rutabaga. Jonathan Coulton’s feature performance evoked cheers, jokes, and laughter with his clever lyrics and wild stage props (including a zombie attack).


Thanks to Popular Science for sponsoring the event; Slim Warrior for not only providing her venue, but also performing during a late London night; and Scott Schram with his team of resourceful concert coordinators for making it all happen. To find pics and audio, visit PopSci’s site and Flickr.


Posted 19 September 2006