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CC tastemaking and timekeeping


Gratisvibes is a newish blog reviewing and recommending CC licensed electronic music:

Gratisvibes aims to lead readers to the best of Creative Commons-licensed Electronic Music on the web, spreading the word for greater musical freedom for both artists and listeners alike.

ccMixter star teru has a new remix project, ccMusictime:

The following mixes were made to be used in a classroom setting as background and/or intermission music. In the class I am attending at the moment we frequently work on our own and then meet back up after a pre-determined time. For example we would go work at computer terminals for thirty minutes or take a break for fifteen. The mixes can be used as a musical stopwatch playing 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes of work/study friendly music.

The samples are of course from ccMixter and fully attributed.

You can be a CC tastemaker too.

Posted 09 August 2006