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Interwingling in the commons musicsphere


Since taking on additional hosts cc365 has been on a roll. Last week Chris Campbell made some great picks, three of which are new to the commons — Chris convinced the artists to try CC — go Chris! This week ccMixter superstar teru is making the picks.

Black Sweater White Cat featured an in-depth interview with cc365 founder Grant Robertson, revealing that he’s mixing in CC tracks on local Nova Scotia radio. Last week’s BSWC draws inspiration from CC music discovery site ccHits, run by Brazilian developer Fabricio Zuardi, who we met at the iSummit.

LugRadio (CC licensed) contributor and heavy musician Jono Bacon gets remix religion and joins those choosing more liberal licenses.

Lucas Gonze explains sample pools in plain language.

Teresa Malango has a big update on cool uses being made of CC licensed music at Magnatune.

I need to mention Uwe Hermann’s Podcast again. Uwe makes a great CC licensed music pick most days and at 220+ picks so far is a champion CC tastemaker. CC music programmers, tune into Uwe!

Posted 11 July 2006