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cc365 adopts a cat


After a brief hiatus cc365 returns with help from Black Sweater, White Cat collaborators Biotic and Subsystem7.

Grant Robertson is also inviting anyone to join (cc365’s host):

I invite anyone who loves to register for an account, and post whatever you like, whenever you like as long as it relates to the progressive domination of the world by Creative Commons means.

If you’re new to cc365 and a good place to start is Grant’s top ten so far, posted last month after day 120.

BSWC and cc365 have actually been collaborating in a loose sense for over six months, see this post from January.

Biotic and Subsystem7 talk about the collaboration on last weekend’s BSWC, which is also a ccMixter special. Check out the playlist and audio file.

Posted 19 June 2006