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ccPublisher 2.0 Released


I’m pleased to announce the release of ccPublisher 2. ccPublisher is
an application which allows users to select licenses for their work and
publish them to the Internet Archive for permanent,
free hosting. Files in supported formats will have license information
embedded in them. If you’re more into hosting your work yourself, ccPublisher will generate some HTML for you that lets others validate the license it embeds in the file.

While this release doesn’t sport lots of new end user features, it does
have a nifty new under-the-hood architecture which will allow other
developers to more easily contribute to the application. It also
features a much improved uploading module for more robust uploads to the
Internet Archive.

As always, feedback, suggestions and bug reports are welcome and encouraged. See
the release page for Windows and Linux downloads. Mac OS X downloads will be available Monday, 22 May, 2006.

Update: Shortly after this announcement a few relatively wide-spread bugs were reported through the crash reportor. For that reason, release 2.0.2 is now available. Updated downloads available at the link above. Thanks to everyone who clicks “OK” when asked to send a crash report.

Update: Mac OS X downloads are now available from the release page.

Posted 19 May 2006