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Elephants Dream Premier


Bjorn Wijers of CC Netherlands sends this about the successful premier of Elephants Dream (previous post — Your textures in a movie):

The Blender movie ‘Elephants Dream’ (previously known under the working
title Orange) was released last friday with a crowded but nice premiere
at the Ketelhuis in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Elephants Dream is the
world’s first film which was completely created using Open Source
Software and released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. The film was
realised by the Blender Foundation, known by the excellent 3D open
source program Blender, and The Netherlands Media Art Institute,
Montevideo/Time Based Arts.

Summary from Motevideo:

Elephants Dream is a story with quick-witted dialogue, tightly designed
architecture and unusual sound effects. The main characters, Emo (a cool
young trumpeter) and Proog (a confused – or maybe not? – loner) are each
stuck in a world of their own. At a certain moment they cross paths with
one another. The oddball Proog cautiously tries to introduce his young
friend Emo to his world. When Emo realizes that Proog primarily wants to
push his ideas on him, this leads to a conflict between them. But can
Emo survive in Proog’s world? And can they overcome their conflicts, or
will they each go their own way in life?
Tygo Gernandt and Cas Jansen create two unique personalities that
command the imagination, and carry the viewer along into a bizarre world
that consists of a bleak wasteland with a tangle of cables and other
alien landscapes, a living typewriter, an enormous elevator shaft, and
especially a lot of very strange birds.

The DVD can be ordered and more information is available at, with downloads to follow.

Post about the premier on the CC Netherlands blog (Dutch).

Posted 04 April 2006