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ccInternational – Consolidation and Expansion


In 2005, through the ongoing work and support of the network of international collaboration teams, Creative Commons consolidated and expanded. Because of these dedicated volunteers CC’s core licensing suite has been “ported” (that is, linguistically translated and legally adapted) and is now used in 26 countries. Teams in Croatia, South Korea, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Chile, Slovenia, England and Wales, Poland, Argentina, Scotland and Sweden initiated localized CC licenses. License porting work began in Nigeria, Malta, Mexico, China, Denmark, Jordan and Malaysia. And with the South Africa launch, CC licensing is now represented on every populated continent (we’re not counting the scientists who weather it out in Antarctica!). And the list keeps growing.

In June 2005, the first Creative Commons International Summit was held at Harvard with the invaluable assistance of the
Berkman Center. The energy at the Summit was amazing. Project leads made presentations on their experiences with license porting and legal and community issues in connection with CC’s licensing system. We left Cambridge newly enthused and energized and with many great memories – not the least of which were encouraged by some very potent tequila (compliments of CC Mexico project leads).

The global impact of CC’s work has been tremendous: the launch of a
South African ccMixter site, the adoption of CC licensing by musicians and recording labels in Brazil, the UK and Sweden and the expansion of opencourseware projects. And in November, CC was invited to address the
WIPO Information Meeting on educational materials and developing nations.

CC is most definitely on the map.

Posted 29 December 2005