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Get Involved –'s NorthEast Regional Summit

Uncategorized are holding their NorthEast Regional Summit on January 13 and 14, 2006, at Columnbia University’s Lerner Hall to encourage cooperation among Free Culture chapter leaders, to promote Free Culture chapter growth, and to create new initiatives on the local and national level. Our Summer ’05 intern – Fred – explains: “If you’re part of the university community in the area and are interested in FreeCulture, this would be a great opportunity to learn more about us and we would love it if you could attend. You’ll get to meet members who have started their own chapters (Swarthmore, NYU, etc) at schools in the region, and also the chance to learn about starting a Free Culture chapter of your own. There will be a lecture given by NYU’s Siva Vaidhyanathan and a demonstration in Times Square, as well as plenty of other events.” More details here.

Posted 19 December 2005