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Geek Speak


What’s that you say? You don’t have enough opportunities to hear geeks talking about Creative Commons work? Well, let me see if I can help remedy that situation. The PyCon 2006 committee has announced the slate of papers for the conference, and I’m pleased to have had my proposal accepted. I’ll be presenting on “Extensible Desktop Applications: Abusing the Zope 3 Project”. The talk will cover how we’ve been using components from the Zope 3 project to create an extensible architecture for ccPublisher 2. PyCon 2006 is taking place February 24-26, 2006, in lovely Addison, Texas, which I’m told is near Dallas.

So that’s one opportunity to hear geeks. And there’s another. I’m very pleased to announce that the PLUG and the IEEE CSociety at Purdue are sponsoring a talk next semester. I’ll be presenting on Creative Commons, metadata, attaching metadata to works (and why that’s important), and finally how ccPublisher 2 makes that happen. The talk is scheduled for 6:30PM, Monday, January 23, 2006, in ME 161. For those of you keeping track, you’ll note that date is precariously close to my target launch date for ccPublisher 2, so if you want the goods and want them early, you might want to come on out. Maps of the campus and ME building are available here.

Posted 13 December 2005