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Don't Let the Build Bugs bite!


Every now and then you realize that something stupid has gotten in the way of perfectly good software, and as a result made things difficult for users. Today I ran into two of those situations with CC software.

First, the installation packages for ccPublisher for Windows were corrupted on the server. The result is that when you tried to install, Windows complains that the file “is not a valid installer.” Luckily that was an easy problem to fix. I’ve updated the file on the server, so if you’ve tried to install ccPublisher for Windows recently, try again. You can download the installer here.

Around the same time people were reporting problems with ccPublisher for Windows, others were reporting problems with ccLookup for Mac OS X. In particular, using ccLookup under Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. So there’s a new build available here. ccLookup 1.1 fixes problems with the application under Tiger, and also supports OS X 10.3 (Panther). Note that OS X 10.2 is not supported. Finally, make sure you copy the application off the disk image before attempting to run the application.

Thanks again to all our users and everyone who reported these problems. If you run into other problems, feel free to email our software support email address:

Posted 12 July 2005