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CC search query breakdown


In March we posted a CC search index breakdown showing what license properties publishers have chosen to use, based on content crawled for our search engine.

The following table has corresponding numbers for search engine queries. Given a format-specific query, what percentage of users limit results to works that may be used commercially, to make derivative works, or both?

Wants commercial use Wants derivative works Wants both
Audio 32 38 20
Image 39 41 27
Interactive 34 43 26
Text 37 41 30
Video 25 32 16
All 43 44 38

“All” above includes searches that do not specify a format (63% of searches). Such searchers seem to be more interested in commercial use and derivative works permissions than people searching for a specific format. People searching for video content appear least interested in both permissions. Interestingly this roughly mirrors rights granted by creators: in the aforementioned search index breakdown licensors of video content appeared to opt for less liberal licenses than licensors of other content.

Posted 13 June 2005