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The Politics of the Adoption of Open Source


An interesting wiki has been set up by the Social Science Research Council, inviting collaboration on a real-time history and analysis of the politics of open source adoption (POSA). By ‘politics of adoption’ the SSRC seeks to step back from the task of explaining or justifying Free and/or Open Source Software (F/OSS) in order to ask how increasingly canonical explanations and justifications are mobilized in different political contexts.

Initial contributions to POSA 1.0 have already been made on topics as diverse as ‘The European Politics of F/OSS Adoption’, ‘F/OSS Adoption in Brazil’, ‘F/OSS Adoption in the Health Care Sector’ as well as ‘Legal Uncertainty in Free and Open Source Software and the Political Response.’

To sweeten the pot, two prizes of $250 will be awarded to the two best contributions to POSA 2.0

And, of course, the wiki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Posted 08 June 2005