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Northern California Association of Law Libraries


Yesterday I had the chance to talk to a workshop the Northern California Association of Law Libraries put on here in San Francisco. Organized by Frances Jones, Director of the California Judicial Center Library (we met back at the American Association of Law Libaries conference in Boston not long ago), the workshop included great talks about the area’s law libraries and the state of copyright law by the Honorable James J. Marchiano, the Presiding Justice for Division One of the California Court of Appeal (First Appellate District) and Mary Minow of Lloyd Auerbach of LexisNexis did a helpful overview of copyright research tools, and I did an update on Creative Commons’ recent progress.

Librarians could well be the best audience there is for topics like these, not only because they really seem engaged with what you have to say, but also because they, as our appointed stewards of culture, have so much to teach the rest of us.

Posted 09 December 2004