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Minnesota (Land of My Favorite Rockers)


Prince. Bob Dylan. Husker Du. The Replacements. Tomorrow morning I head out for Minnesota to give a presentation on Creative Commons at the 32nd annual Museum Computer Network/Minerva Conference — though I’ll be focusing on copyright in the visual arts, not music. (I’ll manage to work The Purple One or The Bard-Turned-Lingerie-Spokesman into the lecture somehow, however, I’m sure.)

The Minnesota Electronic Resources in the Visual Arts (MINERVA) Symposium joins together with the Museum Computer Network (MCN) to present a dynamic Town Hall Meeting at the Hilton Hotel.
The Town Hall Meeting will examine copyright and intellectual property issues associated with the administration of digital image resources. Professionals from around the country associated with libraries, museums, historical and archival centers, academic and other research institutions with an interest in digital image collections are invited.

As more collections become available electronically, the demand for the availability of all types of resources and collections increases. This trend presents fiscal, logistical, and philosophical challenges to the individuals, institutions, and information professionals presiding over collections. MCN/MINERVA ’04 convenes with a Town Hall Meeting to address the proprietary challenges associated with building, using and maintaining digital image collections.

More info. If you’re in the Land o’ Lakes and want to meet up and talk CC, drop me a line.

Posted 08 November 2004