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To Do Before Listening to WIRED CD: The Creative Remix


If you missed the Creative Remix radio show this Sunday in San Francisco, you can still catch it online.
Wow your friends with insight gleaned from Ben Walker’s look at the
artistic remix through the ages — from ancient Greek poetry to modern
historial fiction to aesthetic Nintendo hacks.

Such insight might come in particularly handy these days, when
sampling and creative recombination are hot topics, thanks to the
release of a certain CD this week by a certain familiar mag. In fact, consider this a homework assignment: in order to best enjoy the WIRED CD, you should listen to this show first.

Here’s a review of the show by a listener on Public Radio Exchange:

This is one of those perfect public radio programs
that succeeds on different levels. First, of course, is the important
concept of keeping creativity and art out of the hands of the lawyers.
But while listening, I also started thinking about how the idea of the
“remix” could be applied to just about anything, including one of my
favorite topics (cooking) and one of my least favorite (politics). To
me, this is one of the hallmarks of a great “concept” show – you can
envision it extended it beyond the boundries it’s placed on itself (58
minutes). –John Dankosky

Watch this space for further appearances of the Creative Remix and other Commons-related radio shows by Benjamen Walker.

Posted 25 October 2004